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Meet Mayda Murillo, Founder of Wild Sage Digital

Mayda Murillo, a self-identified Neurodivergent, Chicana, and digital creative, is the visionary founder behind Wild Sage Digital, a Collaborative Creative Studio based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her unique perspective and experiences have shaped the mission of Wild Sage Digital’s mission: to empower underrepresented digital creatives by providing them with opportunities to showcase their unique voices and talents on projects that resonate with their lived experiences and personal values. At Wild Sage Digital, we believe in going beyond the surface. We understand each client is unique, so we tailor our services to meet your needs. From crafting personalized strategies to delivering innovative designs, we redefine the digital experience. When you choose us, you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Hi, I’m Mayda, the founder and digital creative driving the vision at Wild Sage Digital. Wondering about the name “Wild Sage Digital”? I’m thrilled you asked! To me, “WILD” represents creative freedom – the ability to bring any vision to life without constraints, and to authentically express the heart behind every project.

“Sage” embodies the wisdom and positive influence that propel Wild Sage Digital and its team members to create something truly authentic and unique. Together, we infuse a touch of wildness and a dash of wisdom into the digital landscape, aiming to inject more authenticity into our endeavors. But above all, our primary goal is to craft

A budding entrepreneur, wild creative, and maker of all things (at least once).

I have dreamt of entrepreneurship since I was a kid handing out chips and salsa to hungry customers at our family-owned Mexican restaurant. That was decades ago, and here I am, the road less traveled for sure, but a testament that it’s never too late to follow your dreams!  

I’ve been making digital goods for almost a decade.

I’ve created, built, and designed various projects throughout the years for fun, work, or friends and family. I taught myself how to design during my kids’ nap times and in the wee hours of the night. I wish you could see the very first blog I created, it was neon and hard to read, but I spent hours on it, fascinated with the tech side of it and diving into a creative space that I would grow to love.

We believe that collaboration is the key to success!

We work with our clients to produce visually appealing, on-brand digital assets they are proud of. Everyone knows that it’s not just the outside that counts- that’s why whatever we create is built to meet your marketing goals.

Why not me?

Those three simple words challenged me to look within and figure out what stopped me from pursuing distant dreams and life goals. I realized that the only thing stopping me was me and that all the times I thought I had failed taught me some of the greatest lessons I know.

I hope you reach your goals!

And have more time to enjoy some of your favorite things!

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